Amy Winehouse after hearing she has just won her first Grammy (2008)

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Kurt Cobain makes my heart stop. But he’s a little shit. -Courtney Love



"He was not stupid at all. And nobody fucking believed that one either. They just thought he was this dumb idiot songwriter. He was smarter than me. He didn’t read as much, but like that whole Civil War PBS series—I got him that for Christmas because we got charged so much for the rental—he would just watch it over and over again. We even spoke about going back to college here. "And we would spend at least two hours every day with Frances. That was definitely a rule. He was way better about it than me, actually. I was a little lazier. He’d get up as soon as she awoke and spend most of the day with her. "I have home video footage I want the world to see, just 30 seconds or a minute of Kurt at home so they can see how fucking funny he was, and how utterly earnest he was. He was one of the most earnest people in the world. Really, really sincere. He made Winnie the Pooh look insincere." -Courtney Love